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CordobaC 10 Parlor C1290,00
CordobaDolce Senorita299,00
Cordoba12 Natural Crossover599,00
VGS Visions in GuitarsPRO ARTE CM-50 MAESTRO218,00
La ManchaRubi CM 53 N259,00
M. G. ContrerasMeistergitarre 1976, 2. Hand6590,00
La ManchaRubi CM 53259,00
La ManchaRubi CM 53 LH, 2nd. Hand229,00
HanikaGrand Konzert, 2. HandMaster Class, spruce/rosewood (Palo Escrito), double back, French polished top, additional side monitor soundhole, made in 2016, 2nd Hand, mint condition, incl. original Hanika Hiscox case, offered on behalf on a customer
HöfnerHM-88Master class, Spruce/Rosewood, incl. hardshell case
Jose Ramirez1A TraditionalRosewood/cedar, made 2017, new, incl. Hiscox case
Walter VerreydtMeistergitarre, 2nd HandCedar/rosewood, hand-built in 1993, offered on behalf of one of our customers
HöfnerHM-96 'Gigue'Master series, Spruce/Cocobolo, incl. Case
HöfnerHM-87 SE1495,00
Casimiro LozanoPrimera Especial Double-TopCedar Nomex Double-Top, Madagascar rosewood back & sides, incl. Hiscox case
Manuel RodriguezC1 Cadete 1/2, 2nd. Hand199,00
HolzblutNr. 71 'R Rosa', 20171100,00
La ManchaRubi CM 53, 2. Hand199,00
Thomas Fredholm7-StringMaster Luthier Guitar, French-polished, cedar top / Indian rosewood back & sides, incl. case, offered on behalf of a customer
DukeKonzert C Cut TAAll-solid cedar/mahogany, with cutaway and AER 'Dot' pickup system
Richard Jacob WeissgerberWiener Modell, 1920er JahreRediscovered Viennese model of the great German master luthier in very good condition!
MartinezDF-69C (elevated Fingerboard)1560,00
Kauko LiikanenModell 'Romanillos', 1994Master guitar, spruce/santos rosewood, built 1994, pre-owned but technically in very good shape, incl. case, offered on behalf of one of our customers
La ManchaRubinito CM/59, 49mm Sattel219,00

*) All prices are quoted in euros. They are inclusive of VAT (19%), except for sales on behalf of third parties.