Guitar Workshop

Workshop - Gitarren Meckbach

Gitarren Meckbach’s workshop is the premier address for repair, restoration and maintenance work on your instrument.
Martin Meckbach is a trained and highly experienced “plucked-instrument maker” (luthier). Fixing cracks on the top, adjusting or replacing frets, varnish retouches, replacing defective machine heads or retrofitting your guitar with a pickup—Gitarren Meckbach’s professional luthier restores your priceless instrument to mint condition.

A broken headstock, a noisy pickup, a loose fret, problems with a specific string that keeps breaking for no apparent reason… whether on a mandolin, a nylon- or steel-string guitar, a banjo, a ukulele or an acoustic bass: I have a professional solution to your problem.

And although Gitarren Meckbach primarily sells acoustic guitars, I am equally at home with electric guitars and basses as well as almost any fretted instrument.

Electric Guitar Repair - Gitarren Meckbach