Classical Guitars

Gitarren Meckbach carries a careful selection of classical, flamenco and student guitars made by German luthier Franziska Kössl, Karl Höfner, José Ramirez, La Mancha, Manuel Rodriguez and other world-famous brands.

Currently available nylon-string guitars:

Logo of ArtesanoLogo of Casimiro LozanoLogo of DukeLogo of HöfnerLogo of Jose RamirezLogo of La ManchaLogo of LawrenzLogo of StollLogo of WateauNologo
DukeKonzert F, 2. HandAll solid, spruce/mahogany, condition: very good, Rubner tuners
LawrenzMod. Ovangkol5499,00
José de FelipeDF5S/59329,00
DukeBasis C Bambino349,00
HöfnerHM-87 SE65cm scale, 52mm nut width, spruce top, walnut body, smoked oak fingerboard
SevillaKG-5000 4/4 Satin 1262290,00
HöfnerCarmencita HC 504-1/2229,00
DukeMeister F999,00
SevillaKG-5000 3/4 Satin 1260290,00
LawrenzMod. Aningré5799,00
SevillaKG-5000 3/4 Gloss 1257320,00
DukeStudent BT699,00
La ManchaRubi CM 53 LH, 2nd. HandClassical guitar 1/2 size. Top of solid Canadian cedar. Back & sides of mahogany. Scale 53cm. Nut width 48mm
M. G. ContrerasMeistergitarre 1976, 2. HandCedar top, Brazilian rosewood back and sides, includes case
Johanna VoglMod. Romanillos, 2019Spruce/cypress, hand-built of European woods only, incl. Hiscox case
StollClassic Line IAll-solid cedar/Indian rosewood, incl. case
SevillaKG-5000 7/8 Gloss 1258320,00
DukeMeister ST1199,00
John Price#355, 2016, 2. HandZeder/Pardo, Lattice Bracing, Elevated Fingerboard, arm rest, 65cm scale, 52mm nut width, incl. case
SevillaKG-5000 7/8 Satin 1261290,00
La ManchaRubi CM 63 LH279,00
SevillaKG-5000 4/4 Gloss 1259320,00
ArtesanoEstudiante XC-3/4229,00
La ManchaRubi SMX/63-CE379,00
ArtesanoEstudiante XA-4/4199,00
Jose Ramirez1A TraditionalRosewood/cedar, made 2017, new, incl. Hiscox case
La ManchaRubi CM 59, 2nd. Hand199,00
DukeMeister C899,00
La ManchaRubi CM 63 N279,00
KodairaAST-100 Artist S1799,00
SevillaKG-6000 4/4 Satin 1268290,00
WateauSoulmate Nylon #165250,00
ArtesanoSonata BS399,00
ArtesanoEstudiante XC-7/8229,00
Casimiro LozanoPrimera India, Double-TopHandmade Spanish luthier guitar, nomex/spruce double top, inkl. Hiscox case
SevillaKG-6000 3/4 Satin 1266290,00
SevillaKG-6000 4/4 Gloss 1264320,00

*) All prices are quoted in euros. They are inclusive of VAT (19%).