About Gitarren Meckbach

Gitarren Meckbach is fully owned and run by Martin Meckbach, a trained luthier.

Martin Meckbach

  • 1997~2000: Luthier training at Albert & Müller in Aarbergen (Germany) and at the Mittenwald violin-making school
  • 2000: 1. National prize-winner of the efficiency competition organized by the German Youth of Handicrafts
  • 2000~2001: Journeyman at Albert & Müller
  • 2001~2002: Ran the workshop of the American Guitar Shop in Berlin
  • In 2002, I completed part of my master’s examination at the Berlin Chamber of Trade.
  • 2002~2006: Product design and distribution (as “product manager”) at Höfner, the biggest German manufacturer of string and fretted instruments (Baiersdorf, Germany)
  • 2006~2015: Member of the product development and distribution department at a wholesaler of musical instruments, in charge of Gibson guitars and others
  • In 2013~2015, I worked for the famed Swedish guitar manufacturer Hagstrom, in addition to my activities as sales employee.
  • In 2015, I attended a short internship with my former teacher, Antonius “Toni” Müller, in Aarbergen.
  • 2015: Inception of the Gitarren Meckbach shop in Berlin

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